How’s the job market?

Despite the problems in the economy, I’m not seeing big layoffs in our profession yet.

(I probably just jinxed myself with that statement.)

The Center for Disease Control is hiring a Technical Writing Editor. Check out the bureaucratic hoops you have to jump through for that position. 

Oracle also is advertising an open position

Most of the other job postings I saw were contract positions, including a couple at ProEdit. If you’re willing to relocate to Huntsville, Alabama, they do have “permanent” job there. 

Mike Hughes had some good advice on getting through the recession. 

I think flexibility is another good strategy in this market. Draw on all your experience and use it sell your versatility. An STC member I know, for example, just got hired at my company as a Business Analyst. 

This month’s Atlanta STC program explains how to write federal proposals. A good tech writer should be able to make that transition easily. It’s structured writing, with its own terminology, tight deadlines, a collaborative effort that has to be managed like a project. Sound familiar? 

Remember, this month’s meeting is at Southern Poly State U.


3 Responses to How’s the job market?

  1. Tony Chung says:

    In my hunt for new work, I’m finding that even in spite of the plethora of available opportunities, employers are getting more picky, to the point of changing their job requirements based on the available candidates at the time. I shouldn’t complain. I got my last contract because the techcom manager saw services I provided that common writer/editor folks don’t. The challenge is finding another opportunity like that one. I got spoiled. LOL.

  2. hharkness says:

    Tony, what particular services did you provide that “common writer/editor folks don’t”?

  3. In this economy, many organizations are looking for ways to improve their bottom lines through automation and other new IT projects.

    Technical writers (especially the good ones), like business analysts and systems analysts, will continue to be in demand as a result of these projects.

    – Adrian

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