Atlanta STC On-Site events

Like many STC chapters, we have members who work and live all over our metro area.Traffic is bad, gas is high, people are busy — all of these make it hard to attract members to the Atlanta chapter’s monthly programs.

At the STC Summit in Philadelphia, we heard about the Chicago chapter’s successful lunch events. These get-togethers were held simultaneously at several locations throughout Chicago and surrounding suburbs. Chapter members enjoyed meeting up with each other at locations convenient to where they worked.

We thought we’d try that approach this year. Then Rachel Peters offered to hold a program at her office in Marietta to demonstrate how they use a wiki at work. We set a date and worked out the arrangements for lunch and voilà! the STC On-Site event was born. Nearly 30 people have signed up for the August 14 program. You can read the details here.

If you live in the Atlanta area and would like to show your STC colleagues what you’re working on, we can hold an STC On-Site at your office, too.


One Response to Atlanta STC On-Site events

  1. Chris Hester says:

    What an extraordinary program! At our lunches and at other networking events, it’s so easy to get tech-envy when I hear about the tools other people use or develop, or the projects they get to work on, but the challenge is that it’s all discussion-based. STC On-Site sounds like it benefits not only the members, but also showcases the site organizations who value them and their ideas. Everybody wins.

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