Why we need technical communicators

Tip of the hat to Karen Schriver who showed this video during her talk at the STC conference in Minneapolis last year.


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  1. Tom Johnson says:

    wow, is that for real? That’s crazy. I wonder how many times they taped it before he was able to say it all without error.

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  3. This is funny — but how exactly does it argue for better technical communication skills?

    The fellow may be using made-up jargon, but it’s no more or less understandable than real jargon. The presentation, in other words, assumes the viewer has some expertise in the subject.

    Whether or not a layman understands it is entirely irrelevant. What’s jargon to Jonathan is lingua franca to an specialist.

    This guy strikes me as being an excellent communicator. I suspect that, with access to the right SMEs, he could explain the workings of a real machine very well.

    For more on the value of jargon, see my post at http://blog.shoap.com/2007/12/06/in-defense-of-jargon/

  4. sillylins says:

    Thanks Holly! I had to share this on our tech comm blog because it was just too funny not to share it with more people. You rock!


  5. David Farbey says:

    That’s great, especially the bit about the “logarithmic casing”
    I’m surprised it doesn’t have panchromatic suspension in the duodenal undercarriage as well.

  6. hharkness says:

    Sorry for the late response to your comments, folks!

    No, I believe it was produced as a parody of some other Rockwell videos with very dense technical language.
    Thanks for the Writer River plug, too.

    Yes, you have a point.
    But there are many experts who deliberately use complex technical language to intimidate, obscure, or impress.
    It’s those instances where a technical communicator is needed.

    thanks for sharing!

    You’re too funny.

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  8. Techwriters says:

    Hey buddy…
    i am very much impressed abt “logarithmic casing”…………
    its cool man…


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