New member of the family

Four years ago we adopted our sweet dog Abby who has been a continual joy in our lives. Her provenance is a mystery. Corgi? Boxer? German Shepherd dog? Let’s call her a “Georgia brown dog.” She was found on the highway with her nine puppies who were all adopted before we came along and invited her to stay with us.

She likes to smile a lot.

She likes to smile a lot.

Loud noises and furniture moves scare her, and for the first year she was terrified of the television. But she’s a sucker for a tummy rub. Everyone who meets her falls in love with her like we did.

Recently we realized that while Abby was quite fond of us, she needed a friend whose ears she could chew. When we lived in the apartment she had a daily play date with a tireless pit bull named Mac. Since we moved into our house, we haven’t found a suitable replacement for Mac, and Abby has not been a happy puppy.

Enter Roxie.

She wandered into a backyard in McDonough about ten days ago with no collar and no microchip to identify her. She, too, is a mix of some sort. The people who lived there had two dogs already and couldn’t keep a third one. They posted a sign “Found: Black and Brown Puppy.” They contacted the local pound to see if a distraught owner was searching for her. No response.

So they sent out an e-mail through the dog lovers viral network that eventually reached my administrative assistant who forwarded it to everyone in my department.

Long story short: Roxie is now chez Abby.

We’ll have the vet check her out tomorrow, but she’s about 7 months old, 37 pounds, and full of spunk.

Abby and Roxie spent the last day and a half tearing around our yard, rolling in the leaves, and chewing on each other’s ears. Abby does get a little cross with Roxie from time to time, but Roxie takes it all in stride.

Last night when we sat down to watch a movie the two pooches curled up together for a pre-bedtime nap. First Roxie used Abby for a pillow.

Somebody to lean on.

Somebody to lean on.

Then they shifted comfortably and fell fast asleep.

Two peas in a pod.

Two peas in a pod.

Looks like the beginning of a beautiful relationship!


3 Responses to New member of the family

  1. Boxers Rule says:

    congats on the new pup. two dogs are always better than one

  2. Julie says:

    Congratulations! Looks like Roxie and Abby are best pals already.

  3. Annette says:

    Yeah Abby has a baby sister! Congrats on the addition to the family!!

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