Leadership Day at the STC Summit

Greetings from the City of Brotherly Love where I just saw two citizens almost come to blows over a copy machine at Kinko’s. 

We have a good turnout from the Atlanta chapter at Leadership Day. Incoming and outgoing presidents are here as well as our 1st and 2nd VP. I’m here as Immediate Past President and the Assistant Manager of the Management SIG. And, of course, Mike Hughes is with us as the incoming 2nd VP for the Society as a whole. 

More people are blogging here. Char-James Tanney has set up a live blogging site here

E-mail me or Char to gain access. 

We had some good discussion (“intense dialogue” as our motivational speaker called it) at lunch about chapter programs. Paul from Houston joined us explained how the Chicago Chapter (which again won the Chapter of Distinction award this year) decided to separate networking activities from the chapter programs with great success. This is something we should think about. 

In Chicago they have networking lunches on the same day in several locations. They’ve even sparked a competition to see which location has the best turnout. 

I think we’d want to do a quick survey of our Atlanta members to see where everyone works. I think the Perimeter Mall area, Alpharetta, and Midtown are obvious locations if we wanted to location-based luncheons. Paul explained that it’s good to pick a restaurant where everyone can pick up their own food so you aren’t interrupted by your server while you are trying to meet. This is a minor annoyance at our council meetings.

Got to go now. Have to set up our Management SIG table for tonight’s reception. I’m skipping out on the attorney’s talk. :>)


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