Come dine with me! (y otros como yo)

Dudes and dudettes,

If you haven’t made your reservations for the Atlanta Society for Technical Communication annual awards banquet, by golly, get crackin’!

This year we’ve ditched the rubber chicken at the Marriott in favor of (mama mia!) Maggiano’s at Perimeter Mall. 

Don’t tell me you have something better to do on April 22. (It’s a Tuesday, for Pete’s sake!) 

All the important people in tech comm in Atlanta will be there so you will want to come and rub shoulders with us. (No, I’m not going strapless.)

You can check out this year’s award-winning entries and pick up some pointers on how to improve your own work. Then we will joyfully toast the winners as they accept their awards. You’ll also meet and honor the STC activists who’ve worked hard all year to put together the monthly chapter presentations, run the competitions, solicit sponsors, reach out to students, organize community service events, and put together our successful Currents conference. They are all people worth knowing. 

If I don’t know you yet, please come and introduce yourself. I’ll be the one running around like a chicken with her head cut off so just tackle me at the appropriate moment. If I do know you, please come and tell me what you are doing these days. 

Mike Hughes is MC’ing and Mark Wallis is the official paparazzo. 

Allergic to gluten? No excuse! We can accommodate. 

I’m off to buy my frock. See you there!!!!



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