Come to Atlanta in 2009

It may be too early to promote the 2009 STC Summit in Atlanta, but I just had two waves of family visits that got me thinking about all the cool things there are to do in the ATL.

For example, the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. The Freelance Forum organized a tour there last Saturday. Steve is a member, so we jumped on board. It was a rainy day, but we toured the awesome Fuqua Orchid House, the largest of its kind in the world. They are building, building, building cool stuff here all the time, so by next year it will be even better. Don’t miss the poison frogs!

My nephew Alex came on his 3rd visit to Atlanta. He’s now 17, but when he was 8 and 12, the Wonderful World of Coca-Cola (Don’t-Call-It-The-Coke-Museum ha, ha, ha) was the destination of choice. Everyone should do this once if only to be reminded of how Coke covers (smothers?) the globe (and tastes slightly different in each country).

On an earlier visit we took Alex and my niece Etta to Stone Mountain on an earlier visit. This huge granite protrusion sports an enormous homage to Confederate generals that some may find offensive or absurd, but it was the gum rock that riveted the kids’ attention on that visit. Seems that generations of hikers up Stone Mountain deposited their chewed wads on a boulder at the summit (and a phone pole, and a bush and a stump, etc.)

On this visit, a more mature Alex wanted to tour Emory University and Georgia Tech: just two of the many universities and colleges in the Atlanta area. Georgia Tech is close to downtown. In our family it is considered a venerable institution (Steve’s dad is class of ’38), but many of those who were rejected admission refer to it mockingly as the “North Avenue Trade School.” Emory is home to the Centers for Disease Control, the Michael C. Carlos Museum. If you are heading over in that direction, check out the Fernbank Museum and the Carter Center.  The Fernbank serves martinis on Fridays, but I’m not sure the Carters sanction alcohol sales, so go there in the morning.  Coming next: Where to EAT in the ATL


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