Atlanta STC conference is around the corner

The Atlanta STC Chapter’s annual conference (Currents) is March 14 to 15 at Southern Polytechnic State University.

I will be there. Will you join me?

Friday is a day-long workshop on design principles led by Jean-luc Doumont of Principae. I’ve attended some of his sessions at the STC Summit conferences and was convinced we had to bring him to Atlanta for Currents. Jean-luc actively engages his audience because he delivers his content with creativity, humor, and style. It’s a pleasure to learn from him.

Most of us have little or no training in design, yet we’re usually expected to design as well as write when we create our deliverables. Jean-luc will help you understand what good design is all about. You’ll come away from the workshop with more confidence to create better templates, illustrated documents, and online Help.

Friday night we’re all getting together at the Delkwood Grill around 5 for cocktails and dinner. If you can’t make it to the workshop, stop by and meet Jean-luc, Mark Clifford (STC 1st VP), and the rest of us.

Saturday morning incoming STC President (at the International level) Mark Clifford give a keynote entitled, “You and Your STC.” This is a good opportunity to hear about the many changes taking place in the STC internationally.

Following that will be several rounds of presentations, workshops, demos, and discussions on a wide range of topics. Yours truly will be speaking along with the leading thinkers and movers and shakers and teachers from our region. This is a chance to take a leap forward in your understanding of technical communication principles, trends, research, debates, and new ideas. Presenters will take the time to talk to you after their sessions if you have specific questions or problems you’re working on.

During the breaks you can shop for the latest books at the book table (if I haven’t snatched them up first!).

Jean-luc wraps up the day with a presentation called “Road Signs.”

But don’t leave just yet! The RAFFLE promises to be the best ever this year thanks to the diligent efforts of Gene Larson, our chapter sponsorship manager. You may walk away with your own copy of MadCap Flare or Doc-to-Help or get a free class at echoeleven. Lots of other door prize goodies, too.

 Seats are still available, so sign up now! I think you’ll agree it’s a real bargain.


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