Mike Hughes throws his hat in the ring

This may be old news to some of you, but I’ve just heard it.

Dr. Michael Hughes, STC Associate Fellow, UX guru, Atlanta STC chapter leader and volunteer, author, frequent presenter at WritersUA and STC events, blogger, and proud grandfather is running for STC 2nd VP at the international level. If he wins, he’ll be the STC’s president in 2010.

His platform is posted. His campaign brochures are at the printer, and the bumperstickers will be out next month. Stay tuned for details on the televised debate schedule. ;>)

Mike will be speaking at our chapter meeting this month on “The Anatomy of a Help File.” This is a good chance to meet Mike and talk to him about your concerns and ideas for STC. He’s a good listener.

He’s one of the few STC leaders who has embraced blogging. This will be an advantage to him in the campaign because he has a ready-made “bully pulpit” (as he puts it) from which to elaborate his vision for STC. (Check out the new pic!)

This is all by way of saying I will be supporting Mike, in case you didn’t get that already.


One Response to Mike Hughes throws his hat in the ring

  1. Mike Hughes says:

    And I am delighted and honored!

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