STC Academic-Industry Leaders Summit?

I’ve seen references to the “STC Academic-Industry Leaders Summit” coming up in Houston, but I can’t find any information on it at the STC’s site or Google.

Is this event by invitation only?


4 Responses to STC Academic-Industry Leaders Summit?

  1. Mike Hughes says:

    Yes. This summit is a one-day, STC-funded conference to explore the following five areas:

    Academic-Industry Connections
    Job Skills and Needs
    Research and Its Integration into Teaching and the Workplace
    STC Support for Academe/Faculty/Students
    Defining a Body of Knowledge

    There will be about 30 participants from academia, STC staff, and industry.

  2. Al Hood says:

    Yes, I think it is. It came from part of the STC Strategic Goals for 2006-2007:

    “3.3 Encourage partnerships and collaboration between STC communities and academe.
    Situation statement
    Technical communicators come to the profession from a variety of channels. Technical writing programs at universities and colleges are an important source of young professionals. Many universities offer advanced degrees in the field. STC has not done enough to assist these programs and future professionals to get hands-on learning and advice from practicing professionals.

    Description of success
    STC communities work with academic institutions to support and augment their programs.
    Corporate internship programs are widespread as part of academic programs. Practitioners advise academe on relevant content for degree and certificate programs. Academe offers higher education courses that are valuable for senior technical communicators.”

    The STC’s Academic-Industry Collaboration committee was created from this strategic goal. The participants, as I understand it were chosen by the board. You might ask Mike Huges about it as he seems to know about it.

  3. hharkness says:

    I look forward to reading about the discussions at this event.

  4. Just a minor correction…this is an STC-*supported* event. Hillary Hart did a tremendous job helping academic participants secure support from their schools, and was also able to get the location donated.

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