New tech blog aggregator

At last night’s STC chapter meeting Robert Armstrong announced the launching of, a new service from KnowledgeStorm, based just outside Atlanta in Alpharetta.

KnowledgeStorm describes itself this way:

. . . the Internet’s top-ranked search resource for technology solutions and information. We give technology vendors the most opportunities to reach business and technology professionals conducting research on the Internet and convert them into Web leads.

Find Tech Blogs will host your blog or allow you to add a feed from your existing blog to their aggregator. It’s all free. In addition, they will pay you for blog posts that advertise companies in their network. Robert, if you read this, please post a comment with more details on this aspect.

You can use their search tool to quickly find blog posts on the topics you are looking for. According to the press release:

“Two of the big challenges with blogs are finding content that is relevant and accessing that content easily,” said Jeff Ramminger, executive vice president, KnowledgeStorm. “FindTech Blogs addresses both of these by aggregating quality B2B-specific blog content and by evaluating blog content to ensure that it is accurately categorized. In our blog and RSS feeds study, we found that 60 percent of respondents don’t subscribe to a RSS feed, so this aggregation enables them to easily stay current on relevant blog content.”   


2 Responses to New tech blog aggregator

  1. Robert Armstrong says:


    I’ll clarify and add a bit more. Affiliates are paid when someone accesses KnowledgeStorm content form your blog. To access that content, they have to register as a KnowledgeStorm user. This registration is absolutely free and is very painless.

    We have the affiliate program up and running, but we are working on making the system easier to use and more automated from our end. In a nutshell, here is how it works on a day-to-day basis:

    As a blogger, you can go on your normal blogging, basically posting on anything loosely technology related (and I say this very loosely, since my blog is on Gaming.) Your feeds are then placed into categories on our site, allowing visitors to to access it via your FTB URL or through one of the categories/topics. In the left rail of your FTB page, we have focus areas that contain KnowledgeStorm content that match that category. When someone is reading your blog and then clicks one of those links, they are asked to log in or register to see the content. If they register, that’s $2 for you.

    Soon, we will be releasing better banners, search boxes, and RSS focus areas for our affiliates that will allow you to place a content feed directly on your external blog so you can better drive traffic to that content.

    Even if you don’t sign up as an affiliate, FTB is a great way to get into blogging and a good way for those who are already blogging to have their content read by a much larger audience.

    If you want more information about the affiliate program, go to:

    I hope this clears things up!


  2. hharkness says:

    Thanks, Robert!

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