STC Summit Survey: room for improvement IMHO and link to podcast

The STC Summit Survey finally came out last week, shortly after we received the list of attendees and the proceedings. As I mentioned earlier, why not prepare the survey in advance of the conference so that it’s ready as soon as the conference is over? It’s better to get feedback when the event is fresh in everyone’s minds instead of a month and a half later.

Another criticism and I’ll shut up:
For the first time in my memory, the survey did not include an open text field where attendees could write comments. This should be mandatory for any survey of this type. Conference organizers can get some wonderful insights, new ideas, and (yes, of course) cranky rants if you provide one comment box at the end of the survey. Not having the comment box sends a negative message: “we don’t care what you think beyond the answers to the closed questions in the survey.”

Michelle has just posted the podcast from our last chapter meeting where an august panel of Atlanta chapter members discussed their views of the conference.


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