Day two of Flash class

A few takeaways from class:

  • When developing in Flash, you need to decide what Flash player you are developing for.
    Flash Player 9.0 is the latest, but not everyone has it. This Version Penetration site will show you the stats on how many people are using each player version.
  • Set your frame speed ahead of time. If you change it halfway through your development, your animations may not work the way you want. Holly Q. recommends 18 to 24 frames per second.
  • Should you use templates? Probably a good idea if you are starting out, but it can be limiting. Customizing a template is a good way to take advantage of the structure.  
  • If you are a newbie, start small. Master little things and build from there. (Of course, this is true for just about any new technology.)

Flash resources:            (Colin Moock wrote the O’Reilly book on Action Script)

And the Adobe site.

I got my certificate of completion. Now the challenge is to keep working in Flash to retain what I learned.

If I do anything cool with it, I’ll post here.

You can win a Flash class, too!
Just sign up on echo-eleven’s home page.
Those of you outside Atlanta will have to pay your own travel and lodging.


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