Three Hollys and a Flash lesson

When I was young, I asked my mother if Methodists were opposed to drinking. She said, “Well, in theory, yes,” she answered. “But in my experience whenever you get four Methodists together, you’ll always find a fifth.” As a ten-year-old I didn’t get the joke, but I was reminded of it today.

It appears that whenever you have two Hollys in a Flash presentation, you’ll always find a third and maybe a fourth.
Some of you may remember that I won a free Flash class from echo-eleven last February when Holly Quarzo gave her presentation at the Atlanta STC‘s chapter meeting. That night we had three Hollys in the room and everyone had a good chuckle about it.

This month I finally found the time to attend the class, which started today. Naturally, Holly Quarzo was the instructor. Lo and behold, when we went around the room to introduce ourselves, a third Holly was also attending the class! Weird.

We took a break mid-morning so that Holly Q. could participate in brief phone meeting. When she returned to the classroom, her eyes were wide open. “You’ll never guess the name of the woman I was talking to. . . .” Yep, another Holly. Creepy.

I’m not sure how much I will actually use my new Flash skills, but I couldn’t see turning down the opportunity to learn something new (and pretty cool). The echo-eleven offices near Perimeter Mall are very nice and their classrooms are set up differently from other computer training rooms I’ve seen. Next to each student’s monitor is a smaller monitor that displays what the instructor is doing. There’s no projection on a big screen at the front.

Ms. Quarzo is an awarding winning Macromedia (now Adobe) instructor. As someone who has been conducting a lot of computer training, I was curious to observe her methodology. Would she have toys for the participants? Use storytelling techniques? Spray the room with subtle aromas to keep us alert? Bribe us with candy?

No, none of these things. Her presentation style is informal and natural. She knows her subject inside and out, conveys her enthusiasm for the software, and moves the training along in a crisp, well organized way. Even though she’s an expert, I never felt that she was dumbing it down for us. My classmates ran the gamut of experience, yet she kept us all engaged without leaving the newbies in the dust.

Good lesson for me in Flash and in how to conduct effective computer training. Day two is tomorrow, so I’d better stop now and get a good night’s sleep.


One Response to Three Hollys and a Flash lesson

  1. Gordon says:

    This echoes my best experiences attending training courses. The worst ones are the “you WILL get involved” over enthusiastic types, shortly followed by the usual death by Powerpoint. But get an instructor who knows enough about their topic and is enthusiastic about it and you have a recipe for success.

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