JoAnn Hackos “Best Practices” conference to be held in Atlanta 9/17-19

Well, not exactly Atlanta. It’s at Chateau Elan Winery and Resort in the north Georgia foothills.

The 9th Best Practices Conference is for publications managers. This year the theme is  “Building the Information Community.” If you are drawing a blank on what that means, here are the bullet points:

Using experience as a guide, we’ll exchange understanding and expertise to

  • assess the impact of Web 2.0 methods and trends (e.g. peering wikis, blogs) on the information-development community
  • engage with customers in the design and development of information
  • partner with support, training, and other internal colleagues
  • deliver information to handheld devices
  • engage in agile development practices
  • support effective growth and development of staff
  • measure the performance of your organization and your progress toward corporate objectives

Quite wide-ranging! I have not attended this conference in the past, but Hackos’ reputation in our profession is enough to recommend it.

Registration is $1025 and the hotel room is $199. Those of you who live in North Fulton might be able to commute.


One Response to JoAnn Hackos “Best Practices” conference to be held in Atlanta 9/17-19

  1. Gordon says:

    Not sure my work would swing for this but it does sound interesting. As you say, her reputation should make it a sell out.

    Wish there were more events like this in the UK!

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