Free Web conferencing: Vyew

At our Atlanta STC Council meeting last Tuesday, we were discussing ways to reach our far-flung membership and also to make money.

We noted that STC’s Instructional Design and Learning SIG as well as some of the STC chapters had made money producing Webinars on relevant topics. Of course, you don’t want to lose your shirt on the hookup. WebEx — the favorite of the corporate world — was ruled out as too expensive. We were considering using GoToMeeting, but they are just about the same price.

Thanks to Barry Campbell’s Knowledge Work blog I stumbled upon Vyew, a free Web conferencing tool. This may be the ticket!


7 Responses to Free Web conferencing: Vyew

  1. Tom Johnson says:

    I’ve been interested in this tool and once mentioned it in a post , but I’ve never explored it. Please let me know how it works. I did try, but either my connection wasn’t fast enough or something else wasn’t right. The screen looked blurry and was slow to connect.

  2. Tom Johnson says:

    Sorry about that — I messed up the link.

  3. hharkness says:

    No problem. I fixed it.

  4. Karenson says:

    Alternatively you should try out Teamviewer (, they have fix prices and you buy the licenses for lifetime. As non-commercial user they offer a free solution with a lot of features. Go and check it out at:

  5. Sarah says:

    Sarah from Vyew here. I just wanted to add that not only is Vyew FREE, but it requires no downloads…its also more than JUST a conferencing tool, but you can collaborate on any file type: PPT, JPG, DOC, XLS, PDF, etc. Check it out for yourself at! Thanks for your interest in Vyew! I hope you find it useful and we appreciate any feedback.

    -Sarah, marketing,

  6. michelle schoen says:

    I took a look at Vyew and I don’t think that is the best solution for Software Saturdays for one main reason. I couldn’t find anything about being recordable. It is great to offer the Software Saturdays for a fee for those who can come and see it live, but I am seeing a lucrative market in people purchasing the on-line recordings if they couldn’t make the live training. I think we need to check out or Both use VOIP and are recordable. Personny costs $299.oo only one time for the version with recording and then you own it and Ivocalize is a monthly fee of $40.00 with no contract (which is cheap compared to other services of this type). I’ve used both. If we go with Vyew, I suppose someone could record the session with Camtasia or record the audio portion and make that available on the Vyew site. I”m so into podcasting these days you know I just want everything recorded.

  7. hharkness says:

    I wasn’t thinking of it for a Software Saturday as much as for a non-technical presentation, but making it recordable would be a good idea either way.

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