Two new books to watch for

Three long-time STC leaders and authorities in the field of technical communication announced their upcoming books at the STC Summit this year.
Letting Go of the Words: Writing Web Content that Works by Ginny Redish will be out this month. It’s a paperback with 384 pages, selling for $49.95. Ginny distributed flyers with a 20% discount offer at her session in Minneapolis. Here’s an excerpt from the flyer:

On the web, whether on the job or at home, we usually want to grab information and use it quickly. We go to the web to get answers to questions or to complete tasks — to gather information, reading only what we need. We are all too busy to read much on the web.

This book helps you write successfully for web users.

  • Clearly-explained guidelines with full color illustrations and examples from actual web sites throughout the book.
  • Written in in an easy-to-read style with many “befores” and “afters.”
  • Specific guidelines for web-based press releases, legal notices, and other documents.
  • Tips on making web content accessible for people with special needs.

A Research Primer for Technical Communication: Methods, Exemplars, and Analyses
by Atlanta chapter members Michael A. Hughes and George F. Hayhoe will be out in August. This 256-page paperback sells for $34.50. The publicity from the book says the following:

Offering a solid grounding in the research underpinnings of the technical communication field, this resource has been developed for use in master’s level and upper-division undergraduate research methods courses in technical and professional communication, and will serve other courses requiring students to perform research and report their results. It will also be of great use to practitioners in technical and professional communication who wish to advance their knowledge of applied research in that community of practice.


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