Atlanta to host STC Conference in 2009

At an informal reception in my hotel room at the Hyatt last week, Atlanta chapter members began to discuss preparations for the 2009 STC conference in Atlanta. We decided that it’s not too early to begin planning. At next year’s conference in Philadelphia, we’ll need to staff a table promoting the Atlanta event. We’ll want to have some trinkets and a symbolic icon on a pin or sticker that says, “See you in Atlanta” or something like that.

The American Society for Training and Development is holding their conference here next week. We might look at what they did to get some ideas. For example, they have a page called “About Atlanta” on the conference Web.

Here are some initial ideas based on our brainstorming and my further investigation:

  1. Add a welcome letter from the mayor to the conference packets.
  2. Sell squeeze/anti-stress balls shaped like peaches as a conference promotion and chapter fundraiser.
  3. Promote tours of the new acquarium, trips to the Cyclorama, outings to Stone Mountain, visits to the King Center, etc.
  4. Serve traditional Southern cuisine at the opening reception.
    • collard greens
    • fried green tomatoes
    • catfish
    • cornbread
    • black-eyed peas
    • peach cobbler and pecan pie
    Getting hungry?
  5. Write articles in Intercom about Atlanta leading up to the conference.
    • History of the city
    • Technical communications in Atlanta (an overview of the major employers
    • Fun things to do in the city
  6. Visit major Atlanta corporations leading up to the conference to let them know it’s coming. Invite them to have a table or be a sponsor.

What are your ideas?


One Response to Atlanta to host STC Conference in 2009

  1. Joaquim Baptista says:

    Do you really want a scientology ad in this page? That’s was google served to me…

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