Paula Berger’s presentation at Leadership Day

These are rough notes. I’m sure you’ll be able to find Paula’s slides on the STC site and these topics will be amplified in News and Notes e-mails as well as articles in Intercom.

Dispelling myths:

Myth #1: The Board doesn’t care about the communities


  • Two of the 3 face-to-face mtgs of the Board focused on the communities
  • More Board members work on communities than any other aspect of STC

Myth #2:   Communities will be fine if the Society just gives us more $


  • All associations are seeing changes in how communities function
  • Many chapters have $ and don’t spend it.
  • New funding model gives us more input

Myth #3:  The only reason people join STC is to belong to a chapter


  • Knowledge-based governance survey ranked community membership at #6
  • 5 to 6% members don’t belong to a chapter
  • SIG membership is growing fast
  • Membership and marketing efforts will encourage chapter membership.
  • STC is hiring a director of community relations. Staff turnover and office restructuring are making it doable.

Communities of the future: Characteristics

  • Define yourself
  • Things change
  • Be what you want to be
  • Be what you can be
  • Serve your members
  • Don’t be limited by history
  • Define success and go for it.

Flexible groupings will work together

  • We’ve dismantled the regions which were meaningless
  • We’re encouraging communities to work together
  • Form and dissolve partnerships for each project
  • Find partners based on whatever works
  • Arrangements may be permanent or temp      
  • Membership in multiple communities is a good thing: many people are already doing it

Parity btw chapters and SIGs

  • They are coming closer in many ways.
  • Chapters have a large virtual component
  • SIGs are becoming face-to-face
  • They will never be the same and we don’t expect that
  • STC will strive to support them both with the resources they need.

Be an incubator of ideas

  • This will benefit the profession
  • Find new ways and share them with other communities and with the Society
  • 2-way relationship btw communities and the Society

We are part of a worldwide profession

  • Standards and research work
  • Revising US govt job descriptions
  • Relevant and valid salary surveys
  • Joint promotion of the profession (INTECOM)
  • Global membership growth
  • Partnerships and relationships

Many ways to participate

  • 96% of the members said STC should continue to have a peer-reviewed journal, even though many said they would never read it
  • STC is more than just communities
  • Competitions will be reorganized

Independent or integrated?

  • Changes still down the roadUS communities will be encouraged to incorporate independently and sign a service agreement with STC
  • Communities can choose to stay legally part of the Society
  • Chapters outside the US have different requirements
  • Balloting members on bylaws changes later this year


  • New pass-thru modelLikely to start in 6 mos.
  • In 2008, STC will collect and pass-thru dues for each member who selects classic membership or an additional chapter
  • Chapters should receive all funding in January
  • You will benefit from every member you recruit. 

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