Notes from Leadership Day: Atlanta chapter wins award

Every year the first day of the STC conference is designated as Leadership Day. Chapter presidents, SIG leader, and other officers are encouraged to attend. It’s a good chance to learn about what’s happening with the organization on an international level. Al, Howard, and I all attended this year. Susan Burton spoke and provided some of the same information she presented in her keynote at the March Currents conference in Atlanta. She said she’d made visits to 10 chapters since taking office.

I had a chance to finally meet Tom Johnson from the Suncoast Chapter. He interviewed the three of us from Atlanta for a podcast. You can hear it and many other interviews with conference attendees here. Tom has a well-deserved reputation within STC for Tech Writer Voices. I’ve heard his name mentioned at several meetings and sessions in the last two days. Yet this is only his first STC conference. Just shows how you can do innovative things and quickly win recognition in the organization.

The highlight of the day was winning a Chapter Achievement Award at the Excellence level!! I hadn’t even been planned to enter an application for an award, but Al talked me into it in March. Together we filled out the detailed application and pulled together the documentation necessary to prove our claims of greatness. It paid off. The Excellence level is like a 2nd prize. The Distinguished Awards or 1st prizes will be given at the banquet tomorrow night. This is our second award this year. Gene Larson submitted to the Public Relations Competition and we won an Excellence there as well.

I will blog some more about the sessions I’m attending. Many heavy-hitting speakers here. I heard Jared Spool on usability yesterday, and today it’s Karen Schriver and Ginny Redish.



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